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The Ultimate Telos Companion  NFT

The T-Squirrel Mega-Mint!

Mega-Mint T-Squirrel NFT

We are working hard to make T-Squirrels available for all of you!

A mega collection of 5000 unique NFTs with all-original artworks and provable ownership on the Telos EVM is in progress, based on on ERC721 contracts there will be no limits!


Stay tuned to get yours!


The Mega-Mint will be available for:


Where to buy our T-Squirrels?

The T-Squirrel companions are exclusively sold on AreaX the preferred Telos NFT-Market

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A collection of t-Squirrels is also available on Polygon Blockchain (Matic) via OpenSea Market:


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Where to buy TSQRL Tokens?

Liquidity Pools are available for your convenience

There has been no ICO / IDO - T-Squirrel was Self-Funded


More Information about TSQRL can be found here


EVM-Contract Address: 0x20e757800e04b370FD1Ed8326709aDFf889d2d6B

(Please stay safe and check - do not use other contracts!)


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Liquidity Pools:



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Our Origin

During the founding of Telos, as the Telos tree grew higher & higher, the first acorn fell. Two beautiful baby T-Squirrels hatched from it. 

Desperate & in search of food they found another acorn... But this one contained a snake ! (Alternative sources report that it was a magic wand that revealed a new world to the two).


Since that faithful day, they appear randomly, again & again, and in new garbs each time ! Sometimes simple, sometimes elaborate and often in armor & barring weapons.

Indeed, one day a great strife broke out over the entire T-Squirrel family: it is said that a powerful EVM Acorn divided them and since that day there has been a wedge in the T-Squirrel kingdom...


In the not too distant future, the conflict is to be fought out in the fields of the world. Gather your strength and be ready !

But choose your side wisely !


The acorn has always been a core design element of the Telos Blockchain. As a tribute, various projects decided to introduce acorns but also Squirrels in their designs and DNA.

The Fundacoven T-Squirrel


T-Squirrel supports social initiatives of the Telos community. We are designing special edInitiand and contribute buy purchasing NFTs of charity projects.

A set percentage of the TSQRL Token are reserved for support of social projects.

We are open for ideas and requests.

The Fortis T-Squirrel


Various Telos projects have requested special T-Squirrel editions as promotion items or giveaways for their community.

We offer full service for design, minting and distribution.

Contact us for your personal T-Squirrel campaign!


Did you ever think about getting a personal NFT / T-Squirrel companion? 

We love being creative and design your personal T-Squirrel.

Get yours now!


T-Squirrel - The ultimate Telos Companion!

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